Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Moovie urban vehicle

Since moving to Salemtown a year ago I've put a total of 4000 miles on my car. This includes trips to my business clients which are all around town and a number of trips to the paintball field which is 60 miles each way or so.

My office however is only about 3 miles from my house. So I have a great interest in the "Moovie" or something like it. This would be perfect for intercity travel and while I don't know if I would take it on the interstate (at least until the Nashville drivers learn how to DRIVE) most of the traveling I do now days is on back roads or larger city roads anyway. See the full story here... LINK

Monday, August 29, 2005

UPDATED: *Digitally* Check out Audio Books from Public Library.

Most of my friends know I’m an avid (and I mean *avid*) consumer of Audio books. I listen to 15 + Audio books a year. I’ve got a MP3 CD player in my car with a really nice subwoofer and 300watt amp that does nothing put play 32bit MP3 files of audio books.

I listen to them while I drive and at home when I want to relax and be entertained by something other then TV or Video Games. I must say I don’t know how I ever made the “20 minutes to anywhere” drives that Nashville is so famous for, with out listening to audio books in the car.

So when read this article about being able to digitally check out an audio book from the public library, I got very excited. I’m all for this and have sent a e-mail to the suggestion box at the Nashville Downtown Library. (Is that not the ugliest and most useless website you’ve seen in a long while?)

If you would like to see this service available at the Nashville Library please post a suggestion to the library and reference the Overdrive link below.

The company in the article is OverDrive's library service seems like from there slightly hard to navigate website that they are a pretty major player in the market. Seems like a little research could be done and this could be implemented pretty quickly…

UPDATE: After sending the information I'd gathered to the on-line suggestion box I got the following reply back with in 12 hours or so. Good to know the Library is actively monitoring the suggestion box! I'm excited to hear they are already moving in the right direction! I asked if there was any kind of time frame for this project and I'm awaiting Susan's replay. I'll post again when I find out.

Librarian 2: Hi Benjamin,The Library is already looking into an audiobook downloading service. Thank you for your suggestion. It feels good to know we are on track.

Susan EarlMain Library Administrator

UPDATE 2: I just got a reply back from Susan Earl at the library. Sounds like it's a ways off but that's not surprising considering the Library is not privately owned. I know from working closely with Metro IT while being good at what they do, they aren't the fastest at what they do... Susan's reply follows.


Librarian 2: Well, it is still in the planning stages. I wish I could give a timetable, but we are dependent upon many factors--budget, Metro IT dept., etc. that has to be worked out. We think it is really a cool idea ourselves. It really all part of the future of how libraries can provide better service.


Thanks again Susan for getting back to me so quickly!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

And Now.... Your moment of Zen...

Want to Rent First run movies? It's coming.

I stumbled across this today as well. LINK
(I especially like the comment about hearing a song on the radio and having to wait a month or two before you can buy a CD.)

This is just about the best idea I’ve heard yet to combat Movie Pirating. I personally don’t care to see a lot of the movies that come in the theater (or have the cash to) and would much prefer to rent them and invite our a few friends to watch along. A six pack of Red Stripe and good friends are better way to spend my movie money. (

There are some movies of course that you just don’t get the full impact of unless seen on the big screen but that’s only a hand full a year IMO. So currently we have no choice but to wait 4 – 6 months for the DVD… I would much rather be able to rent or buy the movie the same day it hits theaters. I’m willing to give them the renal royalties but honestly who wants to spend $9 a person for most of the crap that hits the theaters?

Now we just need is to break the downloadable renting barrier.


I’m sure some of you have heard already but Google has done it again. The new “Google Talk” engine is based on the Jabber network which apparently is also Google’s new IM network as well! At this point it’s got pretty basic functionality but if it’s anything like the Google Desktop V2beta that just got released we’ll see huge advancements in a short time.

It has a clean interface that we expect from Google and is free as always. You can now make internet calls to any other Gmail users for free and apparently it sounds great.

I’m going to test it with my friend in Newfoundland, Canada if he’ll ever wake up and get on his PC. ( I’ll update this post after I’ve done an overseas (or large landmass and little bit of sea) test and give you my thoughts on the new service.

Interesting article on the new service as well. LINK
Download Google Talk

UPDATE: WOW! Well, I tested out the new Google Talk with my glorious friends who are currently in Newfoundland, Canada. (And who need to get there asses back to Nashville, it's not funny anymore! Jokes over! COME HOME!)

I've got to say it's the easiest to setup, easiest to use, and best Internet Phone application I've ever used. We were both behind firewalls and making a call is as easy as single click on the persons name and we’re instantly connected and with no lag or choppiness. The audio quality is better then the standard phone. I've never been a fan of these app's but this is a whole new world. I highly suggest you at least give it a try.

I must say however if you have a studio mic hooked up to your PC like the Newfoundlanders did it sounds like you’re talking to a radio talk show host. You can have some fun pretending to be Howard Stern. ;-) So yeah it’s good-

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Crye-Leike agent = Immoral and Unethical

I was reading my nieghbors blogs and say these two posts. I'd like to add my two cents to the mix as well.

Salem's Lot's Post
Enclave's Post


I've spoken with some of the residents that have been approached by Crye-Leike's Realtor, Terry Rymar and IMO she's extremely manipulative and does nothing but hurt the Real Estate Market in Salemtown by introducing a false inflation on the houses in the neighborhood.
She also out right lies to the people in the process of getting new business, anyone can go on-line and see that the older homes in need of repair are NOT selling for anything close to what Ms. rymar is telling they are. Also, keep in mind these are people who trust her as there Real Estate agent to provide them with accurate information that they themselves might not know how to get access to. It’s immoral and unethical. I’ll be asking around to find out what can be done about her as well as writing a formal complaint to Crye-Leike about her. (However knowing Crye-Leike’s reputation I don’t know how much good it will do.)

Where is Village or Legacy International?

If there is something to take to the Press it’s this. I’ll be sure to tell her how I feel next time I see her next door in the house that she manipulated her way into listing.

neXtGen - Lite-Brite


Good Stuff...

Monday, August 22, 2005

New Blog worth adding to your Daily Blog Wander

John and Lynn, are our extremely hip next door neighbors, here in Salemtown on the North Side of Nashvegas.

John started a blog (Salem’s Lot) a while back and I just got around to really digging into it over the last week or so. I must say that he finds some of the coolest stuff on the net that I've seen in a long while as well as some great personal thoughts and write ups that make me Laugh Out Loud about every time I hit the blog.

So check it out, you can find the link in my list “Salem’s Lot” or just click here. LINK

Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's good to be a North Sider

Ok, so there are now 4 very active bloggers our *block* of 5th Ave N, here in good old Nashville, TN.

It’s been interesting to actually get to know my neighbors over the last year of living here on the North Side. Only when I was very young did we have any interaction with our neighbors and since then I’ve hardly known there names. I honestly never really cared to get to know them or felt it was important.

Mind you I’m 25 so I didn’t grow up when the then classic (now ancient) TV shows from the 50’s and 60’s told me that life in America used to be all Tupperware parties and gee-golly great neighborhood cookouts in the back yard.

So as I was saying it’s been an interesting year. I must say I really enjoy all the neighbors I’ve gotten to know! (For those that know me, enjoying new people is not one of my strong suits. It takes me a long, long time to get used to new people.)
It’s awesome to see how like minded we are in lot of areas and how we all live very different life styles and lives. It’s great that I’m asked if I would water there garden while they’re out of town and they ours when we leave. Its significant how we came together to bless someone when they had a death in the family.

I think it’s great we all have blogs as well, I feel that it makes getting to know them that much easier. As I read their blogs I get a little insight into who they are, what they are interested in and it really makes it much easier to get past that awkward initial stage of getting to know each other. Plus it gives you a lot to talk about when you see each other on the street. (Yes we here on the North Side actually see our neighbors outside of there homes often. I know this is hard for all you Southern-Greater-Nash outlanders to understand. Do what’s right people LEAVE BRENTWOOD, it’s just not good for you!)

So yeah things are good here on the North Side, it’s a true testament to how things can be if a people are just willing to step out of there houses and say more then “hello” to the people who live next door.

Google is (g)od.

Yeah so was just reading another one of my neighbors’ blogs (who I will give some props to in a later post). I ran across this link that he had posted.

“Free Wi-Fi? Get Ready for GoogleNet.”

All I have to say is “HURRY UP WE ALL WANT IT!” and I would also like to give props to Google for becoming the next Microsoft only in playing a Paladin character instead of the Necromancer.

And before anyone says anything: “Yes I know I should lay off the RPG games and stop reading Harry Potter, but didn’t you get the memo? Being a nerd has been cool for years.”


That’s right those three burry people on stage are none other then The Katies!! It’s been 5 years since I last say them play a show in Nashville and after they all moved to Cali to make it big, only to breakup, they’re back years later playing as strong as ever at none other than Exit/In!

I went to the show last night with my long-time friend Stacy and Bex met up with us in line for tickets. They played an extremely long set for an opening act, pulled out all the old favorites and some new material that proves they still have it together. We got a treat with the unreleased but much loved “Sideways” as well!
I must say that this was the most energetic crowd I’ve ever seen in a Nashville show, the entire crowd was singing along to every song and was louder than the band with claps and cheers a number of times throughout the performance. I was a bit taken back as you’re lucky to get a “Woohoo!!” and 10 people clapping at the end of a song in this city normally.

The three of us left the show with large smiles, ringing ears, and were hit with huge waves of nostalgic feelings and memories from the JJ’s Crowd days. It was a great show but I must say it was a bitter/sweet reminder of days past. That’s not however to say that I was left with a bitter feeling about the state of things today, more of an encouragement to continue to move forward into what is next and a rocking reminder that it will be that good again.

If you’ve never heard The Katies before check out there website (LINK), they have a LOT of unreleased songs for free download. I would suggest starting with “Sideways” as it’s one of their best. You can also buy the released album on Amazon for $0.01 used (that’s right 1 cent) right now. It’ll cost you $2.50 or so to ship it.

The record is great but it’s put to shame by there live performances. They will be opening for someone at 12th and Porter (yes it’s open again) on August 30th @ 8:00pm. I would highly encourage everyone to check them out live, it’s worth the time and money.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Nintendo Game Boy Micro this fall... WHY?!?!

Ok, this is nuts. Nintendo is coming out with yet another Game Boy model based off of the 4 year old Game Boy Advanced/SP technology. Mind you they just got done releasing the Game Boy SP 1.5 years ago!?! LINK

Why do we need another portable super Nintendo? Get with the program guys we can want portable NeXtgeN's! Not 14 year old technology in 10 different cute plastic cases! (NOW WITH CHANGEABLE FAEPLATES! o.o )

Honestly I feel that Nintendo is stuck too much in the Japanese audiences’ mind-set to be a true player in the hardware gaming market today. And before you point out the 94% market share in portable gaming, remember that Sony is the first competition in this area of the market since the Sega Game Gear in what? 1992? The Game Gear kicked the GameBoy Advanced/SP’s ass then and completely shamed the black and white original GameBoy. The Game Gear just lacked the right marketing, games, and drank batteries to really push ahead in the market.

What really needs to happen is Nintendo becomes a Software only company and starts sharing some of that game making genius that it currently forces into its sub-par hardware; only allowing for small percent of the game to be seen when a much richer and more complex game could be realized on a more powerful and larger user base platform.

Final Pricing for Xbox 360

Looks like you'll need $399 if you want to get your hands on a Xbox 360 with the must have extra options. LINK
On a side note: I'll be taken donations to my Paypal account if your interested in giving to "Ben's Helpless Gamer(s) fund" all profits of course go to a helpless broke gamer(s) exactly like myself…

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I can't wait for the "I-Urine"!

"Researchers in Singapore have developed a paper battery that is powered by urine."
I guess this is cool for a digital pregnancy test but do you how hard it is to cleanly get 0.2 millilitres of urine on to something that’s 3cm X 6cm?? And who wants to put pee onto something they are needing to power in the first place? Let's see this thing work with a drop of water and I'll be more impressed...
Honestly, who sits around and says "Hey!! I've got an awesome idea! Let's make a battery! Yeah a battery that uses urine as it's catalyst!!” and then actually convinces others to pay them good money to make it work?! Sigh…. LINK

Monday, August 15, 2005

Pictures from our trip to Florida

We took a week long trip to Florida this month with our good friends Justin and Audra. Here are some pictures from the trip. Sorry about the lower resolution ones they are from my new Motorola Razor phone and while they look great for a phone picture they aren't the best for desktop viewing. Check them out here : LINK

Saturday, August 13, 2005

And Now.... Your moment of Zen...

Submitted by: Vinny
(Sorry Bro forgot to give you the credit)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm not dead!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say that I haven't died! I've actually just been out of town for a week or so! Sorry for the lack of posts and no explanation. I'm back now and will get back into my normal posting habits before too long.

I just need to get out the "I've been at the beach for a week and would rather still be there, then here." mind set I'm currently being controlled by.

Thanks all!

PS: If anyone would like to submit any pictures for the weekly “And Now.... Your moment of Zen...” post please e-mail them to me. If I select your submitted picture I’ll show credit for it on the post.