Tuesday, July 26, 2005

UPDATE: Win Prizes while you search google. It's a Win, Win.


So basically these guys are really smart... They setup a front end to the all powerful and knowing "Google.com" and then charge advertisers lots of money for space on the site. Then they take a % of the money they make from all that advertising and buy real prizes for people to win.

So basically all you have to do is search Google like you always would except now you have a pretty good chance at winning free stuff. And if you get others to sign up and they win something you win as well.

So what’s the catch? Spam? Spyware? - Not that I can see, I've been using it for a little bit now and it's clean. I've also read some reviews from others that say the same! I normally *NEVER* suggest things like this but Blingo.com is finally doing what all the others should be, they're honest, straight forward, and people really do get prizes!

Now I can't take all the credit for stumbling across this one my friend Tav actually found it and I'm just riding on his coat tails. So I feel it’s only fair that if you know me personally then follow this LINK and sign up under him.

However! If you don’t know me and you would like to help a guy out then please click the Blingo Picture or this LINK.

UPDATE: I've been using this since July 16th and with in 10 days I Won movie tickets for me and my friend Tav today!

That's pretty good for searching Google! I told Tav and he said he won the same a couple days before!

So with that said please click the link above and sign up! Free stuff is good!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Enclave, posts facts that get my brain and blood boiling.

Enclave posted a quick post today about TN cutting after-school and summer reading programs for children due to budget problems. LINK [READ FIRST] I normally don't say or think much about how this kind of thing would affect someone it all seems so "somebody else’s problem” {BVH, waves to all Hitch Hickers fans and says prepare to see the problem as it will soon be yours!} this time however I stopped and thought about how it might affect someone and in the end I got pretty upset… So here are my thoughts:

It's shocking how important using your reading and writing "muscles” can be. I've never been a big writer or reader however since starting my blog and picked up a couple books over the last 5 months I've noticed a huge increase in my ability to read and write. What's more shocking is that my vocabulary has gotten back in shape I notice my self not having to stop and think of the correct word to fill in a sentence and it’s easier to express myself correctly and thoroughly.

Reading and writing has to be fun for children for it to be affective I believe but removing these programs all together will be altogether destructive.

The unfortunate reality is our children have to get this from the school systems because they aren't getting it from the people who are actually responsible for teaching them to enjoy and respect things like reading and writing. Face it the parents of this country (as a whole) suck.

There are lots of places to divert the blame of them being bad parents but the reality is it’s your choice to educate yourself on being a parent and most importantly it your choice to actually spending time with your children, get to know them, and teaching them the things they need to know to be a healthy balanced person. No one expects perfection but we’re just laying around in our own self absorbed, workaholic, fat ass TV pop culture laziness at this point and our kids are taking the fall for it.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Audra's Birthday Pictures

This was a weekend of birthdays! We had dinner with friends and family for Audra's 25th tonight.

I tried posting these on Flickr.com but they said I have pay $25 bucks before I can add more... So screw that website I'll just host it my self. (Don't they know services on the web should be free? What is the world coming to!)

This is really about Audie and I'm getting off subject so with out further delay here is the LINK.

And Audra congrats on making it to 25! We love you much!


Pic's from our awesome and loving friend Stacy's birthday party!! WE LOVE YOU STATCHI!!! LINK

Pictures from Paintball

Yeah so we had a great and VERY VERY VERY *HOT* day of paintball today. I'm so tired I can hardly type! Here's a few pics from us setting up. Sorry about the lack of action shots but I kind of forgot to take pictures once we started. (!!) Oh well. Next time I'll have some better ones. LINK

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You're so Nashville if...

"You stand around in the parking lot of JJ's Market for 2 hours after it closes trying to figure out what the other five people who are standing around with you want to do for the rest of night."

Yes! That's right it's the 17'th "You're so Nashville if"

Damn good stuff.

Monday, July 18, 2005

"Crazy Drunk Guy!" Dot Com (ish)

I know a few of my friends have seen/heard this before but I just found it again and I thought I would share it with the rest of you who maybe haven't heard this guy. Basically this random crazy guy starts calling this guy every few days around 9am and has these insane conversations with him. Well, the guy recorded the calls and posted them on the net for all to hear.

After listening to them all I think this guy is pretty much nuts, I'm sure a little lonely and IMHO a great way to spend 20 minutes of your life...


PS: If you're like most of us and can't stand Real Player. You can always download the
Real Alternative Player. It's clean and doesn't have all the spyware and junk that Real Player has.

Stunning Photograph! (Stumbled across this)

Credit goes to: LINK

Playing Paintball this weekend... Wanna join?

We have a small group that plays every two weeks. We meet up with who ever else happens to be playing that day and normally have about 20 people or so total. We play at Red River Paintball field in Clarksville, TN. It's only about 35 minutes from downtown Nashville. Check out their site they've got some good pic's of the place, directions, and a price list. If you don't have a gun you can rent one so don't let that stop you.

If you've never played I would highly encourage you to come and try it out, it's a lot of fun and can be a very good father / son or your-self and a good friend looking for something to do type of an event. Most kids 12 and older have a blast and don’t have any problems with getting hit. I won't lie it stings pretty good when you get hit but you hardly notice in the heat of the game and once the game it over the worst of the pain is gone as well.

Come join us we'll be playing next on July 23rd. Ask around for "Ben" or for anyone from "Net Works" in Nashville we're pretty easy to find and are more then willing to show you the ropes if you’re a first timer.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

thetalkingtoaster.blogspot.com is pretty great!

I ran across this blog on Nashvilleistalking.com and enjoied it quite a bit. The post about "Scootchy-Scootchin" is great. Check it out. It's fun and worth the read. Very Nashville. :)


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Selomtown needs to get a damn job!

Ok, so I don’t normally write about my frustrations with my neighborhood. Overall I love it here. I love the mix of cultures, my neighbors are great, and I feel very comfortable living here. There is one thing that has really been bothering me and I’m about to tell the next person that approaches me about it just how I feel. (I’ll be the “get your fucking dog out my house!” Ben that all my friend know and loath)

The thing that has me so worked up is people coming up to me while I’m standing IN MY OWN YARD and asking me for money! I normally weight each homeless person that asks me for money on a case by case basis and react according to what I feel is right, but this something all together different. These people are healthy, housed, feed, drunk, high, and lazy-ass--jobless-on-there-own-accord--bums!

The very idea that it’s ok to walk up to someone while they are in their own yard and ask them for money or if they want to buy some burned CD that stolen off the internet is completely unacceptable! When did these people get it in their head that someone else is suppose to take care of them and why the hell do they think I’m willing to support them in being the stereotype they're all so adamant about not being!?

Come on Selomtown you’re all better then this! I know you are, I’ve met your families (who are great!) and they all tell how much potential you have. They also make it very clear that I’m not the only one that’s sick of you sitting around on your ass feeling sorry for yourself and blaming “The man” or your women who left you!

If you want to come in my yard and ask me for help finding a job or just want to shoot the shit with someone you don't know then I’m more then happy to invite you on my porch give you a cold drink, listen to your story, get to know you, offer you any non-monetary help I can or simply talk to you like the normal human being you are. But DO NOT ASK ME FOR MONEY- it pisses me off and I work hard for the debt I have!

Interesting post about Sex Offender Clusters in Nashville.

I was just reading my neighbors blog and ran across this post. It’s an interesting post on the cost and burden of Sex Offenders in the Metro Nashville area. Also has a link to a pretty slick use of Google Maps. It’s worth the read. LINK

Sharp's new LCD is like nothing we've seen before!

Oh yes... That is a SINGLE Sharp LCD TV displaying two different images depending on what side of the screen you’re viewing it from... Can you say Ultimate gaming TV!

Found this at Realtechnews.com check out the article here. LINK

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

AEROBIE® Dogobie™ Disc

I don't really know why I'm writing a review about Dog Disc but here we go!

I got 2 of these for Luna last week. I've always liked the Aerobie products so I figured these would be pretty good but I was a little unsure about the size of the disc. (Luna trips over standard sizes discs and as funny as it is to watch it really doesn't work!) The “Dogobie” is 7" round disc, the soft fabric one I've been using is 6" and it's a perfect size for Luna but a little too small to throw it any distance. Another concern I had is how soft the material they are made of is, as it can hurt the dog’s gums if it's too hard. (Plus the first time I threw a standard Frisbee at Luna I hit her in the head with it and she was scared of it for a few weeks...)

So I got them in and was really surprised at how soft but durable they are. They are kind of floppy and bend easily but hold there shape unlike the fabric one I have. I took it out for a few test throws and these fly much better then the fabric ones. This helps a lot because if I can’t throw the disc at the right height and direction then it’s really difficult for Luna to catch.
The real test was to see if Luna could handle a 7" disc and while she can't run at full speed with it in her mouth she can easily carry it around. She also has an easier time catching it air because I can throw it more accurately.

The only negative thing I've found with these is that they are harder for her to get off the ground due to how flat they are. But if you let her work at it a couple seconds she's gets it in her mouth pretty quick and she’s good to go.

Anyway, I would recommend these for anyone who’s looking for a good Dog Disc.
I got mine from https://www.appleheart.com and at $4.50 a disc it’s a great deal.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

And Now.... Your moment of Zen...

Monday, July 11, 2005

New Time Shifting Drug...

Found this on Realtechnews.com. It's Provigil Imodarinil a new drug that was just approved FDA. Basically it keeps you awake and fully alert for 40 hours with very little side effects... Maybe it's just me but wasn’t your body made to sleep every 16 - 20 hours? SO WHY ARE WE MAKING DRUGS TO STAY UP FOR 40!!!

We've lost our minds I tell you. Now what they need to be doing is getting a "Home Pet Cloning Kit" (As seen on TV) to market. My dog only has about 13 more years left in her and I want another when she kicks it.. ...

Wireless Hot-Spot Fashion... (I think I want one!)

Hotspot Bloom is a wearable flower that glows and changes color to indicate the signal strength of a nearby wireless network (802.11b/g). With its mobile interface, Hotspot Bloom allows people to immediately identify hotspots and become vehicles of information by simply walking through a public space.

OK... It could look better but honestly, I think this is a great idea. It's so Cyberpunk meets Japanese school girl.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

2 *HUGE* Thumbs Down to Middle Tennessee Paintball! (YOU SUCK!!!)

Well, I'd just like to tell everyone that Middle Tennessee Paintball is the worst field I've ever been to. I think the picture above and my review on PBReview.com says pretty much everything. Review: LINK

Friday, July 08, 2005

Paintball - Come out and join us! (July 9th)

Once again we're going to play paintball this Saturday. If anyone would like to go the info is below.

We normally go to Red River Paintball Games in Clarksville but they are having a huge scenario game this weekend so we're hitting MTP tomorrow instead. None of us have played here yet and we're all interested in seeing how it is.

*If you want to meet up with us just ask for Benjamin, Vinny, or Tommy.*


***UPDATE: 7/09/05 This place sucks don't waste your time or money.***

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

And Now.... Your moment of Zen...

"Sam" was just named "Worlds Ugliest Dog" for the 3rd year running... (Yes... This is real...)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

4th of July Weekend Photos!

So we went camping for the 4th of July weekend. We stayed at "Green Brier Island" Campground in the Smokey Mountains. It was only about 2 miles from Gatlinburg and while it had good access to the river and to Gatlinburg the facility itself was heavily lacking. I would not suggest going to this campground if you're planning a trip, the sites are too small, the bath house was nasty, and they nickel and dime you for everything.

Besides the campground itself being less then good it was a great trip we went tubing down the river (and have black and blue butts from all the rocks), we spent a few hours in Gatlinburg showing all the Cali' people what a real tourist spot looks like (;-) and we ate *way* too much (VERY) good greasy camp food. (Thanks to Tom our Campsite cook!)

We took Luna as well; she did really good but was a little overwhelmed by the car ride, living in a tent, and being tied up all or on a lead all day. :) Needless to say she's a little spoiled when it comes to being comfortable. (See the photo of her in the green chair) It was good for her to get a little dirty and she even walked in the shallows of the river for a little while. (OK, I pulled her into the shallows and she stood there with an “OMG THIS WATER IS COLD!” look on her face…)

Anyway, check out the photos here: LINK
PS: Please let me know if anyone has any problems accessing the link above it’s my first attempt at using flickr.com and I’m a bit rushed.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Picture for Tavius (Gatlinburg)

Now remember kids... Buying knives on church youth group trips is not allowed and if you break the rule then you'll be in trouble...

No knives? Well, that's ok... We just made napalm in our hotel room instead. The rule book doesn't say a single thing about napalm!!

Seems like the ski lifts are best shared with another as well…

Home from Camping!

Well, we're home from our weekend camping in the smokies. It's late and I need sleep in a bad way. Had a blast, have lots of pictures... Will be posting them to flickr.com and posting the link soon.

PS: I haven't found a better place to post a large number of pictures other then flickr.com... It's "OK" but if anyone else has any other suggestions I'm all ears... Expect for myspace.com that place is nothing short of useless.