Sunday, September 25, 2005

And Now.... Your moment of Zen...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Open Source Beer. Let me repeat that "OPEN SOURCE BEER"

Read the title, read the link and know that God is good. We should all stop and give these people a monument of silence to show them honor and respect.

To anyone who knows me, I'll be brewing some of this soon and you're all welcome to have some in a couple months once it's ready. (Let's just hope I work out the over hopping problems I've had in my last couple brews)



R.I.P. Nintendo

Well… It was nice knowing you Nintendo, sorry to see you go…


LINK2 (Pictures)

Update: (See comments)

Well, picture it. 4 guys sitting around ready to kick each others virtual asses and they pull out a red, yellow, blue, or white remote control! Then they all start waving them all around pointing them at the TV and smashing buttons all the while talking shit to each other… Honestly, who’s going to take this seriously, it’s just stupid.

Nintendo’s last attempt at making a controller might as well had been designed by Fisher Price and sold in the toddler section of Toy’s “R” Us. I really don't see how Nintendo has any kind of a chance with the neXtgens that are about come out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New blog worth checking out!

Our friend Mary has just started a blog! Have a look here and follow up in my links section later! LINK

Monday, September 12, 2005

This just in!!

In a press release by its Supreme Deity and Governor “Moo_Cow” earlier today has officially been declared “The State of”. Moo_Cow was quoted has saying “Things will more or less remain the same… Unless of course I see it fit to change them…”

That’s all for now, but the Mostly-Free MooTimes will be sure to keep you uptodate as the story progresses.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Windows Vista to have *SEVEN* Versions! Shoot me now!

You read that title correctly Microsoft’s new OS is slated to have seven different versions. This does nothing but confuse the customers and make them pay that much more when we have to tell them they got the wrong version and will have to spend another $100 bucks + our install time to be able to use there computers.

You have no clue how many business owners we deal with that bought XP Home for $90 bucks and then had to turn right around and upgrade to XP Pro for $175 because XP Home will not join a Windows Domain. Mind you if they would have purchased XP Pro when they bought the machine it would have only cost them $125, now they are stuck paying about $550 for the OS and our time to install it. That’s half the cost of a new computer!!

Check out the details of each of the new OS's here. LINK

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Put Windows on a 256MB Flash Drive!!

Man you have no idea how many hours I've spent trying to do this and never got it to work right!! Well, here it is! LINK

UPDATE: It works! I've got to install my laptops network card drivers into the thing before I can use it to get on the net but I booted my machine off my thumb drive! Pretty slick.

And Now.... Your moment of Zen...

Submitted by: Stephanie

Nerd TV on PBS-DOT-COM gets WAY ahead of the game!

Nerd TV, is a PBS show that is not broadcast on the air but instead is only available on the net... This is not a short couple minute clip of video but a full length TV show and while not the most appealing subject matter for a wide audience PBS has put it self in the forefront of the future of TV. The cable and broadcast TV companies are so far behind in this area it’s not even funny.

I’ve been downloading *ALL* the TV I watch for the last 3 years commercial free and I can watch it when ever I want. I watch way more TV now then I ever did before I started downloading it and I enjoy to much more. I’m not thrilled about the fact that there is not currently a way to do this with out breaking copy right laws. I would be more then happy to watch 2 minutes – 3 minutes of commercials at the start, middle, end of the show if I get this for free and legally. This whole stop the show every 8 – 10 minutes is just stupid and really lowers my interest in TV as a whole.

Anyway, for those who care check out Nerd TV. I’m really interested to see the interview with the CEO of Google in Nov! LINK

New Firefox Beta!

Firefox has just released it's new 1.5 Beta. This is a beta version of the next major point release for Firefox due to come out in late Nov, early Dec. Also, for those bloggers who noticed that's editor doesn't work with lastest stable release will be happy to know that they have fixed what ever was messing it up and it's working great again!


Sunday, September 04, 2005

It's never dull in Salemtown!

We're sitting around watching TV on a peaceful Sunday night when we hear a huge "WOOOOSSSHH!!" outside. I snap my head up and look out the window to see what just happened and see nothing... It takes a second to register what had just happened and then it strikes me that was a car!

I’m not sure I’ve been stationary when a car going that fast has pasted me, they were FLYING! I reach for my cell phone on the coffee table to call the police and before I can get to it one of Metro’s finest comes up close behind. (Well, close is all relative at these speeds.) I stepped out front and looked down the street past the 2 stops signs that were just blindly run and saw nothing…
There isn’t much street left for them to go down before the neighborhood ends so they had to turn or hit trees and go flying down on to 65N. I assume that the police stopped them because another cop car drove by (this time as a normal speed) heading the same way as the last about 10 minutes later.

It really isn't dull living here in Salemtown…