Sunday, August 28, 2005

Want to Rent First run movies? It's coming.

I stumbled across this today as well. LINK
(I especially like the comment about hearing a song on the radio and having to wait a month or two before you can buy a CD.)

This is just about the best idea I’ve heard yet to combat Movie Pirating. I personally don’t care to see a lot of the movies that come in the theater (or have the cash to) and would much prefer to rent them and invite our a few friends to watch along. A six pack of Red Stripe and good friends are better way to spend my movie money. (

There are some movies of course that you just don’t get the full impact of unless seen on the big screen but that’s only a hand full a year IMO. So currently we have no choice but to wait 4 – 6 months for the DVD… I would much rather be able to rent or buy the movie the same day it hits theaters. I’m willing to give them the renal royalties but honestly who wants to spend $9 a person for most of the crap that hits the theaters?

Now we just need is to break the downloadable renting barrier.


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