Friday, August 19, 2005

Nintendo Game Boy Micro this fall... WHY?!?!

Ok, this is nuts. Nintendo is coming out with yet another Game Boy model based off of the 4 year old Game Boy Advanced/SP technology. Mind you they just got done releasing the Game Boy SP 1.5 years ago!?! LINK

Why do we need another portable super Nintendo? Get with the program guys we can want portable NeXtgeN's! Not 14 year old technology in 10 different cute plastic cases! (NOW WITH CHANGEABLE FAEPLATES! o.o )

Honestly I feel that Nintendo is stuck too much in the Japanese audiences’ mind-set to be a true player in the hardware gaming market today. And before you point out the 94% market share in portable gaming, remember that Sony is the first competition in this area of the market since the Sega Game Gear in what? 1992? The Game Gear kicked the GameBoy Advanced/SP’s ass then and completely shamed the black and white original GameBoy. The Game Gear just lacked the right marketing, games, and drank batteries to really push ahead in the market.

What really needs to happen is Nintendo becomes a Software only company and starts sharing some of that game making genius that it currently forces into its sub-par hardware; only allowing for small percent of the game to be seen when a much richer and more complex game could be realized on a more powerful and larger user base platform.


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