Monday, August 15, 2005

Pictures from our trip to Florida

We took a week long trip to Florida this month with our good friends Justin and Audra. Here are some pictures from the trip. Sorry about the lower resolution ones they are from my new Motorola Razor phone and while they look great for a phone picture they aren't the best for desktop viewing. Check them out here : LINK


At 8/15/2005 6:47 PM, Blogger John H said...

true moment of zen is sitting on the beach and just listening to those waves...of course the pic of steph in that hat is right up there!

At 8/16/2005 3:04 AM, Blogger Tavius said...

audi is lookin beautiful, and justin i think ur tryin to steal my devil beared and mustache that i had before i left........the devil belong on my face damn it! looks good on ya an angel of light even.

At 8/16/2005 4:22 PM, Blogger Sageish said...

Thanks bro. And you're the ONLY person who liked my mustache. Everyone else said I looked like a redneck. [biggins! com'on!!!]

Anywho - I ditched the stache and replaced it with my oldschool chopps and gotee.


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