Saturday, October 22, 2005

And Now.... Your moment of Zen...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

And Now.... Your moment of Zen...

Submitted by: Stephanie (My sexy wife who spends way too much time on google! ;-)

Say Cheese!

Cannon is designing new technologies for there digital cameras that will automatically take a picture when the subject is smiling.

This just seems like something that will produce some odd pictures… If someone doesn't want to smile you'll just force them into really sarcastic looking half smile with plenty of malice behind it instead of actually getting them to produce a real smile. Of course there are times when this could be rather funny… LINK

Japan celebrates “Robot Dog Dress-Up Day”

HEY!! Don't shoot the messenger!


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

High Dynamic Range... It's just stunning.

The guy on the bed is a 3D image from the video game Half-Life 2... The Scene he's in is real... The Technology that makes him look like he's actually sitting in the room is called HDR.

It's not only a new way to digitally process light but also a new way to display it. A HDR LCD TV or monitor produces an image like nothing we've seen before. This is light years beyond HDTV and it's here now. The cost (as with all new technology) is high but there is no reason why we will not see this become a standard over the next 10 years or so.

After you get done trying to figure out if I'm lying or not. Check out the following links for more info and more pictures. :)

Good starting point Info LINK
Info on HDR LCD Monitors LINK
Still shots LINK

1,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio

OMG, Just read this!

I'll be moving to South Korea in 2014

This is a technology research *CITY* that is being built in South Korea right now. Needless to say it just become very high on my "I must go there before I die" list. Check out the link for more details. LINK

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Xbox 360 support USB Storage!

Microsoft... The Modders thank you! Apparently the Xbox 360 will be able to access any mass storage device via the USB ports. This means you just have to plug in your USB hard drive to store your games instead of having to fool with installing a whole new hard drive! This is great news, can't wait for the modchips to start rolling! LINK

Buying a hybrid will not save you money... (Sorry Justin!)

Everyone is looking to these to be our saving grace from the Gas prices these days. The reality is a good train, bus, sidewalk, and some European city planners would be a much better investment... But that's a totally different rant all together.

This one is for the hybrid which iMO doesn't live up to what it should with all the money that has been put into researching these things. Honestly 35-38mpg sucks. My Mom's 5 year old Diesel VW gets 50mpg and it’s larger, faster, and more comfortable. Now with this latest bit of common sense applied we see that you don't save money until somewhere around the 16th year of owning the vehicle. So like I've said for years just go buy a Honda Civic!

Slashpad is as pointless as the rest!

Looks great right? Put all your devices on this thing and poof it's charging no more stupid connectors that for some unknown reason are all a different design... Well, come to find out that the stupid thing causes more of the same problem that it's trying to fix! It's not universal! The companies that make the devices that need charging have to make them compatible with this thing. So basically it's just another charger to keep track of only this one 40 times as large and not travel friendly... See more info here. LINK