Saturday, August 20, 2005


That’s right those three burry people on stage are none other then The Katies!! It’s been 5 years since I last say them play a show in Nashville and after they all moved to Cali to make it big, only to breakup, they’re back years later playing as strong as ever at none other than Exit/In!

I went to the show last night with my long-time friend Stacy and Bex met up with us in line for tickets. They played an extremely long set for an opening act, pulled out all the old favorites and some new material that proves they still have it together. We got a treat with the unreleased but much loved “Sideways” as well!
I must say that this was the most energetic crowd I’ve ever seen in a Nashville show, the entire crowd was singing along to every song and was louder than the band with claps and cheers a number of times throughout the performance. I was a bit taken back as you’re lucky to get a “Woohoo!!” and 10 people clapping at the end of a song in this city normally.

The three of us left the show with large smiles, ringing ears, and were hit with huge waves of nostalgic feelings and memories from the JJ’s Crowd days. It was a great show but I must say it was a bitter/sweet reminder of days past. That’s not however to say that I was left with a bitter feeling about the state of things today, more of an encouragement to continue to move forward into what is next and a rocking reminder that it will be that good again.

If you’ve never heard The Katies before check out there website (LINK), they have a LOT of unreleased songs for free download. I would suggest starting with “Sideways” as it’s one of their best. You can also buy the released album on Amazon for $0.01 used (that’s right 1 cent) right now. It’ll cost you $2.50 or so to ship it.

The record is great but it’s put to shame by there live performances. They will be opening for someone at 12th and Porter (yes it’s open again) on August 30th @ 8:00pm. I would highly encourage everyone to check them out live, it’s worth the time and money.


At 8/22/2005 11:19 AM, Blogger Cigana said...

It's all true...the show was fucking amazing...and yesterday I opened my mailbox and pulled out my very own copy of their first album - that I purchased from for $.01 + $2.49 shipping.


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