Sunday, September 04, 2005

It's never dull in Salemtown!

We're sitting around watching TV on a peaceful Sunday night when we hear a huge "WOOOOSSSHH!!" outside. I snap my head up and look out the window to see what just happened and see nothing... It takes a second to register what had just happened and then it strikes me that was a car!

I’m not sure I’ve been stationary when a car going that fast has pasted me, they were FLYING! I reach for my cell phone on the coffee table to call the police and before I can get to it one of Metro’s finest comes up close behind. (Well, close is all relative at these speeds.) I stepped out front and looked down the street past the 2 stops signs that were just blindly run and saw nothing…
There isn’t much street left for them to go down before the neighborhood ends so they had to turn or hit trees and go flying down on to 65N. I assume that the police stopped them because another cop car drove by (this time as a normal speed) heading the same way as the last about 10 minutes later.

It really isn't dull living here in Salemtown…


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