Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So I got a new Camera

I finally got a new Camera it's been 6 years since my last one and that's like time going back to a time before the light bulb in the Digital Camera world!

I read a LOT of reviews and actually thought about how I would use the camera and didn't just look at the best specs I could afford. I did that last time and hated the camera from the day I bought it and I paid $1000 bucks for it as well...

Dell had a damn good deal on a Canon A620 ($288 after shipping and tax) which fit the high mega pixel, small compact size, and most of all a good set of features but without all the advanced ones that the pro-versions have. I'll honestly never use most of the advanced features and if I need them I'll buy a Digital SLR.
I also feel that I'll never carry a full size SLR around with me, the A620 is a little bigger then than a true pocket camera but the added optical zoom, higher quality lens, plus higher over all image quality make up for it slightly bigger size. It's by no means large regardless, fits in one hand just fine.

I've taken a few shots just messing around. Still haven't gotten all the controls down, while it has less advanced features that doesn't mean it doesn't have more than I can keep track of. :)

Mmm... Buttons...

I65 While Steph is Driving #2

I65 While Steph is Driving #2

Shot of Downtown from while driving #1

Shot of Downtown from while driving #2

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