Sunday, February 26, 2006

My next car will get 157MPG

So this car gets 157MPG...

Sure it's not super fast but I'm not 18 anymore and speed isn't as important as it once was. My current car doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles and I'm fine with this lacking a bit.

The thing is I since moving into the north-end I put 4500 miles on my car last year. If I had this car I'd need to fill up 3 times a year... That's about $90 bucks a year for gas. Or I could drive to Cali for about $35 bucks or Florida and back on 3/4 of a tank or so.

With all these new cars with super high gas efficiently you kind have to wonder what the @@!# the car companies have been doing the last 30 years besides getting there pockets lined by the Oil Companies because the turbo diesel engine has been around for a very long while....

Oh did I mention they only cost about $13,000 US?



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